Chance, an art project that transcends boundaries to explore the journeys and experiences of migrants on their path to the EU. Through a captivating blend of photographs, paintings, and installations, Chance invites you to immerse yourself in the challenges faced by migrants while celebrating their resilience and success stories.
Our Mission
At Chance Project, we believe in the power of art to drive social change and promote understanding. Our mission is to shed light on the human stories behind the headlines, fostering empathy and creating a shared space for dialogue. Through collective efforts, we aim to inspire change, challenge stereotypes, and highlight the interconnectedness of all people.
The Artist's Journey
Ismael Assi is a visual artist whose lens captures the deep narratives of human resilience and migration. With a Master's in Fine Arts specializing in Graphic Design, Ismael's journey transcends borders, much like the subjects of his photography. Born in Damascus, Ismael's experiences in Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and finally Luxembourg have enriched his artistic perspective. As an independent visual designer, he seamlessly blends his design expertise with a passion for storytelling. Ismael's commitment to giving back to society is evident in his role as a key force behind the Chance project.​​​​​​​
This project reflects the personal experience of Ismael Assi. The places portrayed are the ones Ismael passed through during his journey from Istanbul to Luxembourg in 2015. Each artwork portrays a critical moment or point that migrants passed through, emphasizing the importance of giving them a chance.

Additionally, inspired by the impactful work of photographer Platon Antoniou, the exhibition features empowering portraits of six refugees in Luxembourg from different countries. Together, these visual stories aim to break barriers, promote dignity, challenge discrimination, and add to other voices and efforts in Luxembourg and around Europe making our world a better place for all irrespective.
Goals & Objectives
Our goals extend beyond the exhibition space:
Raise awareness among European citizens about the potential and capacity of migrants.
Foster artistic expression as a means of realizing social inclusion.
Focus on offering migrants opportunities to develop and grow.
Encourage institutions and governments to prioritize the integration process and consider the capacities and aspirations of each refugee.
RTL Lëtzebuerg: D'Ausstellung "Chance" am Fokus
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