Nasser faced tough times in Eritrea due to the constant fear of war and mandatory army service. The journey to Europe was not easy, with risks like kidnapping and challenges, especially if passing through Libya. In 2020, it's hard to believe such dangers still exist.
Nasser and his family were forced to leave Eritrea on short notice due to their involvement in humanitarian activities. Threats from intelligence agents made him feel unsafe. His journey took him from Sudan to Egypt, and finally to Europe through the sea, facing many difficulties.
Luxembourg became a safe home for Nasser, though finding a job was tough without knowing the official languages. Despite initial struggles, Luxembourg made Nasser feel secure and showed him the importance of laws.
Participating in a course about hospitality organized by one of the local associations was crucial for Nasser. It helped him understand his rights, making him feel more secure and welcomed. Nasser believes such courses are vital for refugees, especially in the beginning, as they help find jobs, a crucial step in integration.
Nasser's story highlights the challenges and successes of migrants. His journey emphasizes the importance of support, understanding, and education for successful integration.