Tohid embarked on his journey from Iran, compelled by the oppressive conditions imposed by the Mullah-led regime. The prohibition of music and dance in public spaces, leading to arrests and imprisonment, was a stark reality, prompting Tohid to seek a more free environment.
Despite Iran's technological and scientific advancements, the lack of freedom for cultural and artistic expression left Tohid feeling restricted and unable to participate in the vibrant creative scene or voice his protest.
While he still cherishes Iran and its rich culture, Tohid chose to leave the constraints of silence imposed by the regime. Dissatisfied with the lack of diversity and freedom of speech, he sought a place where he could freely express himself through music.
In Luxembourg, Tohid found a welcoming environment to integrate and respect the local culture. Bringing his passion for music, he published his song "Standing Man" in 2014, in collaboration with the musician Serge Tonnar, both are now working again together on a new song with Luxembourgish lyrics, a testament to his journey of artistic expression and integration in a land that embraces diversity and freedom. Tohid's story illustrates the importance of freedom and cultural expression in one's journey of self-discovery and integration.