Viktoria's life took a dramatic turn as the war in Ukraine crept closer to her city. During the role of a supermarket manager and the responsibility of her 13-year-old son, she faced the terrifying reality of hiding under tables during bombings. The danger reached a tipping point, prompting Viktoria to make the courageous decision to leave.
Starting the journey with her son, Viktoria sought refuge in Luxembourg, where a friend had established a new life. The hard bus ride from her village to Moldova and eventually to Belgium marked the beginning of their quest for safety.
Upon arriving in Luxembourg, Viktoria wasted no time in enrolling her son in school. Encountering a supportive teacher, they found a welcoming community that embraced their presence. Eager to integrate into Luxembourgish society, Viktoria registered with ADEM to find employment. Accepting a job at a restaurant, she saw it as an opportunity to immerse herself in the language and culture, particularly to start enhancing her French proficiency.
While Viktoria appreciates the safety and warmth Luxembourg offers, finding suitable housing poses a significant challenge. The lack of available rentals, compounded by intense competition, remains a public issue. Despite this hurdle, Viktoria is grateful for the diverse and safe environment in Luxembourg, where her son has found friendship and a chance at a new, happy life.